Magnuss VOSS™ is approved by Lloyd's Register.
"Magnuss is one company I feel will make a lasting impact on transportation."
-Dr. Sanjay Sarma, Professor MIT
"If the shipping industry were a country it would rank number six in the world CO2 league table."
-International Maritime Organization

Magnuss is a maritime shipping technology firm. We deliver onboard systems that reduce fuel consumption and emissions for today's global shipping fleet. Within the suite of proprietary technologies to help firms manage fuel consumption resides the Magnuss VOSS™ (Vertically-variable Ocean Sail System). The Magnuss VOSS™ is a mechanical sail that converts wind into forward thrust thereby augmenting ship propulsion. We work with companies to design, implement, finance and maximize value from production and installation of the Magnuss VOSS™.

Magnuss' customers include leading industrial companies and global shipping organizations that believe adopting a proactive plan to understand and manage their fuel requirements will lead to improved financial performance, fuel savings, reduced regulatory risk and a sustainable competitive advantage. The Magnuss VOSS™ technology can save vessels up to 50% in fuel costs. Our proprietary, patent-protected VOSS™ design is scalable and applicable to over 50,000 vessels worldwide. Virtually all existing cargo vessels and new builds can be retrofitted or outfitted with the Magnuss VOSS™.

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