Magnuss offers customers a range of proven technologies that generate financial value through increased fuel savings and emission reductions. Within the suite of proprietary technologies to help firms manage fuel consumption resides our own patent-pending product, the Magnuss VOSS™ (Vertically-variable Ocean Sail System). Each VOSS™ is a rotating, retractable cylinder that harnesses the wind to propel a ship by means of the Magnus Effect, wherein a rotating cylinder in an air stream generates a force roughly perpendicular to the air stream. The Magnuss VOSS™ is installed on a ship and works like a sail converting wind into forward thrust.

After meeting with ship owner/operators, industrials, charterers and brokers to understand their needs and concerns, Magnuss engaged an expert team of engineers from MIT and within the maritime industry. For over a year, the team ran thousands of computer simulations, adjusting every conceivable parameter including sea and wind conditions to develop the optimal design, materials and installation of the Magnuss VOSS™. The result is the most effective, operationally efficient wind propulsion technology ever designed.

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