Fuel Savings

The global shipping industry has reached a substantial tipping point in terms of energy consumption and regulatory scrutiny. Magnuss offers the premier wind propulsion system that has been shown to meet the requirements of today’s maritime shipping industry. Installed as a retrofit, the Magnuss VOSS™ enables the ship's main engine to be throttled back while still maintaining voyage speed. Incorporating modern design and materials technology, the VOSS™ is fully retractable and can be lowered in unfavorable conditions or while loading and unloading the ship's cargo. The thrust created by the wind over the VOSS™ means the vessel needs less power from its main engine, resulting in lower fuel consumption. Under optimal wind conditions, fuel consumption can be cut up to 50%. Savings of this magnitude are meaningful, especially on a line item that represents often more than two-thirds of a ship owner's/operator's annual expense.

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